Case Studies Quentin Hix

Widget Enterprises* has a long standing commercial relationship with a core customer. The customer raised some concerns over their supply contract and it got to the point that the customer was threatening to sue over some technical points in the contract. Quentin was asked to attend a meeting with Widget’s CEO and financial controller together with the customer’s key staff and their lawyer. The meeting started with the customer’s lawyer outlining in detail the customer’s grievances. The customer had two independent experts at the meeting who started discussing technical aspects to back up their claims. For Widget, Quentin acknowledged that there were issues from the past that were being raised but suggested that rather than making those the first priority, that Widget and the customer start with a clean slate and discuss what a brand new supply contract might look like. Quentin suggested that if we could reach agreement on that, then we could come back to the past issues and try to resolve them at that point. With this change of focus, ultimately Widget and the customer signed a new long term supply contract and the previous customer grievances were easily resolved as part of that agreement. The ongoing commercial relationship continues to grow between them for the benefit of both parties.

*Name changed to protect clients identity.


Ron and Sue were excited because they had just signed up to buy their first home.. They thought it would be all plain sailing but when they came to access their Kiwisaver funds to pay the deposit they found that this was proving difficult.

Paul stepped in to help using his experience in dealing with Kiwisaver providers to unlock their funds. They managed to release the funds before settlement and Ron and Sue are now happy owners of their first home.

*Name changed to protect the client’s identity.


Jane came to us with a letter from her employer outlining a number of allegations and ultimately the implication was that she was about to be sacked. Jane was required to meet with her employer in a couple of days to discuss options and the ultimate option being considered was her dismissal. Jane knew the allegation could not be supported and Pauline helped Jane get together the supporting documents and statements to help her before attending the meeting with the employer. Pauline also attended with Jane and did most of the talking.

At the end of the meeting the employer agreed that there were no performance issues that needed to be raised with Jane and they accepted there was no foundation at all to the allegations considered in the letter. Jane ultimately kept on with her employment with no blemish against her record.

The key to successfully resolving Jane’s case was reacting promptly, gathering supporting information and presenting it in a compelling way.

*Name changed to protect the client’s identity.