Family Trusts

Family Trusts A Trust is an asset protection tool say Robert van Duin from Quentin Hix Legal Limited, which could be compared to an insurance policy. It acts as a barrier between key assets such as your home, that you use and anyone attempting to make a claim against those assets. A trust can protect [...]

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Importance of Wills

WILLS “Your Will is one of the most important legal documents you can prepare” says Robert van Duin from Quentin Hix Legal.  It reduces the likelihood of arguments developing amongst the family and in addition to dealing with your property, you can record a number of other wishes in your Will such as whether you [...]

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Who makes Law

DAVID MARRIOT FROM QUENTIN HIX LEGAL WRITES ON WHO MAKES LAW HOW? Most readers will know the answer to this question – our elected politicians in parliament and our judges make law but how? The answer to this question is large but quite interesting (to some). This piece gives a brief overview of law making [...]

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NEWSLETTER – Issue 1 February – April 2016

Introducing - Tania With over 20 years’ experience working in law offices, Tania knows most things about buying and selling homes, wills and estate administration. Returning to the workforce after having two fantastic children, Tania takes a practical approach to getting things done for you. IN THIS EDITION: The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill – A look at the changes [...]

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