At Quentin Hix Legal we follow two core values.
These are trust and innovation.


We know that your relationship with your lawyer is fundamentally based on trust. To us this means doing the little things right such as:

Under promising and over delivering
If we say we are going to get something done for you by a certain time, doing so is a “pass”, beating it is what we aim for.

Being transparent
Our fixed fees for standard transactions are available on our website. For other fees, we send you a printout of all the work done, by who and at what rate.

Being upfront
Unless you’ve chosen to use a fixed fee, we usually charge by an hourly rate. But we don’t add those annoying “tolls and faxes”, “administration” or “file opening” charges that are common at the end of a lot of lawyers’ bills. To us, that’s like charging you a separate fee for fuel when you’ve already paid for the airline ticket.


Innovation is all about constantly thinking about how we can improve our services for you. This includes things like:

Trying to ensure our technology is up to date – for example linking our calendars and e-mail through the cloud to our ‘phones so we can communicate with you and make appointments “on the run”.

Having a lawyer on call 24/7 is what our society expects these days – your 21st century lawyers are no exception.

Coming out to see you at your home or premises just makes sense.

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